Understanding Your Legal Rights in Divorce Proceedings

The process of filing a divorce or dissolution of a marriage can be confusing, especially when children are involved. It is important to understand your legal rights and responsibilities before beginning the process so that you can ensure that the legal proceedings run smoothly and that you receive the best results possible.

Before you file for divorce, it is essential to gather all the documents and information that may be relevant in your case. This will help your lawyer prepare a comprehensive plan for your divorce and ensure that you have an accurate picture of the property and assets that are likely to be at issue.

Obtaining copies of all of your financial records is also a good idea. This will allow your attorney to have an immediate and accurate picture of your finances so that he or she can give you the most accurate advice on how to proceed with the divorce and protect your interests in the future.

Be Up Front About All of the Details in Your Divorce

The most common mistake that couples make during the divorce process is to hide or destroy key information from their spouses. This can be costly and even harmful to the divorce case if the information is revealed later. It is best to be upfront about all the facts of your case so that you can avoid the need for litigation.

Be honest with your spouse about all of the details in your divorce, including your goals, financial status, assets and debts. This will help your spouse to be honest with the court about his or her financial situation, so that the judge can consider all of these factors before making any decisions about your case.

Take Stock of Your Living Arrangements

Before the divorce is finalized, each party needs to decide which one will move out and when. It is also a good idea to make sure that you have enough cash on hand to cover the bills while your spouse is out of the house.

In addition, it is a good idea to have all of your personal information, including medical records, available at home. These records will prove valuable in a custody battle or when trying to determine child support and alimony payments.

Do not hesitate to ask your attorney for a copy of all of your important documents, including your tax returns and investment accounts. This will save you and your attorney time and money.

Review the Divorce Complaint/Cross Complaint and Answer Form

The first step in starting a divorce is to file a divorce complaint with the court. This is done by going to the court clerk’s office and purchasing an Index Number for your case. Afterward, you will need to serve the other party with the Complaint and any other necessary paperwork.

It is critical to have an experienced Miami divorce attorney represent you throughout the divorce process, so that you can receive the best results possible. If you are unsure of your legal rights or are considering filing for divorce, contact an experienced New York family law attorney today to schedule your consultation.

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